[SOLVED] Your ip address has changed. Please log in again. (cpanel)

This error happened when i try to log in to cpanel of my domain with my smartphone. It's happened because the smartphone use dynamic IP and changed everytime. To solve this:
1. Make subdomain with cpanel name on your domain, so it will be cpanel.yourdomain.com
2. Download this file https://www.dropbox.com/s/pzgkww9xry1meft/cPanelProxy.zip
3. Extract it, there will be 4 files inside it
4. Open your cpanel, open file manager, under public_html folder there will be cpanel folder, upload the files to cpanel folder.
5. DONE! Now you can open cpanel with your mobile phone, but REMEMBER, use cpanel.yourdomain.com instead of yourdomain.com/cpanel
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