[SOLVED] not recognized as an internal or external command

I'm using windows 7. When i tried to ping using cmd, it get an error 'not recognized as an internal or external command', it happend with some command too, to solve this :
1. right click my computer, click properties.
2. click advanced system settings
3. on tab advanced, click environment variables...
4. on the bottom, system variables, click variable 'Path', then click Edit...
5. give semicolon ';' on the end of the variable value, then type 'C:\Windows\System32' without quotes, click ok

Now it solved

[SOLVED] unknown filesystem type 'vboxsf'

When i try to share folder between host and guest (ubuntu) in virtual box, i install guest additions, then i open terminal, and type
 sudo mount -t vboxsf share /home/mada/share
But i get error 'uknown filesystem type vboxsf', to solve this, type in the terminal
 sudo chmod 777 /home/mada/ubuntu \
press enter twice, then
 sudo apt-get install virtualbox-ose-guest-utils
After installation complete, type the mount again, and it worked for me.
Note: my shared folder name in host is 'share', same with the guest shared folder name

Google Chrome Can't Play Youtube Videos [SOLVED]

Sometimes, a browser like google chrome can't stream/ play youtube videos, if you have IDM, then it keeps ask us to download the videos instead of playing it and the other browser can play the youtube videos. To solve this problem in google chrome:

1. Type 'about:plugins'

2. Then check always allowed on flash

3. Open youtube again and it can be played now

4. If the step above still can't play the video, try empty the browser history

5. If still can't play, try open the about:plugins again, then click details on upper right, and disable flash

how to remove windows 7 crack and insert serial number to go genuine

When i installing windows 7 I used crack to activate it. Now I have the serial number to go genuine, so to become real genuine, you have to do this:

1. Click windows, type 'SLUI 3' on the search and run box, then run it

2. Enter the serial number, and click next,

3. Now you are the real genuine

An error occurred while Internet Connection Sharing was being enabled [SOLVED]

"An error occurred while Internet Connection Sharing was being enabled. The dependency service or group failed to start."

That was an error when i tried to enable ICS when I tried to share my internet through Ad Hoc. So to make it enable, we must start some services. Open it by click windows, then type 'services.msc' in the run box. Then start this services in order.

1. Appliaction Layer Gateway Service
2. Network Connections
3. Network Location Awareness (NLA)
4. Plug And Play
5. Telephony
6. Remote Procedure Call
7. Windows Event Log
8. Remote Access Connection Manager
9. Remote Access Auto Connection Manager

If you don't start it in order, you may get error dependencies.
If you start Remote Access Connection Manager without starting Windows Event Log, you will get Error 87: Parameter is incorrect.
Then connect the Ad Hoc and enable the ICS.

How to Connect SD Card Mobile Phone (Android) To Computer Through WIFI

This use Android Sync Manager WiFi 

  1. download and install Android Sync Manager WiFi  on computer, http://ds.mobileaction.com/android/amwifi.exe
  2. On your mobile phone, open market and search Android Sync Manager WiFi, then install, if it can't be installed, open Settings > Applications, and enable Unknown sources.
  3. open the application on your mobile phone, click next, then fill PIN for confirmaton on your PC, for example:1234,then click done, there will be anl IP shown, for example
  4. Open Android Sync Manager WiFi  on komputer, then click Settings > Connection
  5. On PIN Code column, fill the PIN just like before, that was 1234, on handset IP, fill IP that is shown before, that was
  6. click ok, done
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