How to share PC internet to android via usb (Reverse Tethering)

Android Reverse Tethering for windows users.
Tethering is the ability to surf on your pc using the 3g of your phone
Reverse tethering is the opposite : Surf on your phone using the ADSL of your PC. No Wifi or 3G connection required.
NOTE : This work only for rooted users !!!
Download this file first

Installation :

Unpack the zip file. This zip files contains the windows part, ADB and the android APK.
Before starting the tool :
1) You must install drivers for your device. Generic driver provided by google is on the
2) Ensure you have debugging enabled on your phone :
        Settings > Applications > Development > USB Debugging > Turn On
4) Ensure you have root access AND SuperUser application installed.
5) Change the superuser settings (Menu -> Preferences -> Notifications part) :
Uncheck “Notifications” label to display “Do not show notification when an app is granted Su Permissions”

6) Open AndroidTool.exe, click connect
7) Click Allow
8) Now you can browse with your android

[SOLVED] error_callback : patch fail ragnarok 2

When update ragnarok 2, it suddenly give error_callback : patch fail , to solve this:
1. Install ragnarok 2 to another computer
2. Update it until it can be played
3. Exit the game, copy the game folder
4. Paste the folder on your computer that give error, you can overwrite the old game folder
5. Play

It's not really a solution, but it works for me, lol
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