Disk defragmenter cannot start because the task scheduler service is not running

If you get error message "Disk defragmenter cannnot start because the task scheduler service is not running. Start the task scheduler service and try again." when opening disk defragmenter on windows 7, try this to solve it:

1.Open Start>>Search>>services.msc
2.Check windows event log, make it enable, automatic, and then start it
3.Check task scheduler, make it enable, automatic, and then start it

Hope this helpfull ^^
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    thankyou man! you're a wizard!

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    thanks awesomeeeee !!!!!!!

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    wow man u r genius u save me man!!!

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    Not working for me error 1068

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    thanks mate, 100% spot on! Anyone reading this, he work wonders

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    I LOVE YOU THANKS, every other person gave more complicated ways that did nothing. This was simple and easy woot.

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    Master! save me lots of troubleshooting time. Thanks again.

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    god damn, How the hell you knew this. Thank you

  11. if yoy cant do defragment on your system...
    then download smart defrag 2
    problem solved

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    yes you sexy beast!!!
    been trying to work it out for ages...

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    Thanks couldn't find out how to do it anywhere else
    works well

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    super you are a genius..thank you so much!

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    can not work

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    i dont have event log..what should i do??

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    thank brother....//succes for u

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    Thanks man

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