K-Project Ending 2 - Circle of Friends (Chord and Lyric)

[Anime] K-Project 2012 (Circle of Friends) Lyric and Chord (Ending 2)

The strumming pattern : DxxDxDUxUDxDxDU (cmiiw)

D                            G
ikuse mono kono zasu no michi de
A                Bm
bokura wa deatta
      G          F#m        Bm
ma sugu na manazashi de
Em          A        D  D7
mirai wo isu eteta

nani ga wo kotemo
todo ni aru keba
F#m        F#7        Bm   A D
nanbaimo yuki ga ichi afure
Em                A
nobi koe nareru
G                  A
mamonarete iru

           D           G
aka ni soba atta yuuhi ni
A           Bm
chikatta kotoba wa
G             F#m    Em         A
sekiau no tsuki ni tsuikomarete iku
D        G            A      Bm
haruka musunda atsui kizunda
G        F#m Em  A                     D
douka sou mou tsuzuki mazu you ni
20 Responses

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Ano.. what's the strumming pattern?

  2. well, it's too hard for me to write it, just use your feeling :D

  3. Anonymous Says:

    do you have the mp3 ?? i look every where for it and it's just a waste of time! If you have it, can ia ask where do you get it from ?? Arigato! :)

  4. Anonymous Says:

    i dont know hot to strum it -.- what's the strumming pattern ?? please ..

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Just say if it's Up or Down in strumming,, Please help us :((

  6. Lee Campos Says:

    this is so perfect... >.< Thank you thank you so much....!

  7. u r welcome lee
    i dont have the mp3, i just hear it from the anime, if u want the mp3 u can crop the ending of the anime, then convert it to mp3

  8. i think the strumming pattern is DxxDxDUxUDxDxDU

  9. Anonymous Says:

    sugoii!!! :O
    Arigato, its soo amazing!

  10. haruno cheza Says:

    let's sing again together.. :D

  11. Anonymous Says:



  12. Crystal Bai Says:

    Totsuka-san will always be in our hearts ><

  13. Crystal Bai Says:

    ahh... but I think some of the lyrics are wrong... QwQ

  14. Anonymous Says:

    though totsuka-san only appeared half an episode
    he actually make us like we known him for so long
    totsuka-san T.T

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